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Shotover F1 strap
Shotover F1 strap
Shotover F1 strap
Shotover F1 strap
Shotover F1 strap

Another 'first' from Arena - the Shotover

Arena was the first to launch the FLIR Ultramedia II in the UK and also more recently the Cineflex HD. We continue to innovate with the Shotover F1. Simply put this is the most flexible high-end aerial camera system available. Designed primarily for cinematographers it can support 8k, 6k, 4k and 2k origination using a range of easily interchangeable cameras and lenses.

Based around a 6 axis gyro stabilized platform, it delivers unprecedented stability, control and versatility. Arena is delighted to be pioneering this product in the UK and across Europe. Paired with the very latest and most powerful version of the proven Airbus Twin Squirrel the AS355NP - it clearly sets a new industry benchmark.

Camera: The unique selling point of the Shotover F1 is flexibility. It can support the following cameras: Epic-X Red Dragon, Alexa M, Canon C500, Sony F65, F55 and HDC2500. Our standard package includes the Epic-X Red Dragon which is a very popular camera supporting multiple formats from its native 6k (6144 x 3160) sensor, however any of the above cameras can easily be supplied.

Lenses: The choice of lenses we can offer is staggering. Our standard lens is the Angenieux Optimo Style 25-250mm which is probably the most flexible of the range. Other lenses are available including Canon and Fujinon zoom lenses and Zeiss Master Primes.

Aircraft: Arena is the longest established filming company in the UK. We own and operate a fleet of 10 aircraft. The most popular helicopter for filming work is the Airbus Twin Squirrel. Our fleet includes the most modern variant the AS355NP which is still a very rare and sought after aircraft. Its added power and performance means we can offer greater flexibility for filming missions.

Gimbal field of view: The Shotover F1 adds some unique perspectives to aerial filming, including steady 'direct look down' shots which can be tricky to achieve with some other systems.

Pan: 360 degrees continuous rotation
Tilt: +45 to -140 degrees
Roll: +/-85 degrees (steerable or auto horizon)
Max slew rate: 100 degrees per second

Crew: Arena has been operating in the aerial filming market for over 15 years and held various UK news contracts for around 12 years. We have our own CAA AOC and own 10 aircraft. We employ staff pilots, camera operators and engineers all of whom have extensive experience on movie shoots. At Arena we believe we have the most extensive range of expertise available anywhere in the industry.

Value for money: We have always offered clear and easy to understand pricing. There are no hidden extras. Flying is expensive, we want you to come back in the future and recommend us to others, so we make every airborne minute count. Our powerful cameras and skilled crew allow us to get the shots you want quickly and without a drama.

Call us for a budgetary price on 01737 821222.