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Our Aircraft

We own nine helicopters based around the proven Airbus AS355 twin squirrel, the Agusta Westland 109E & Robinson R44 Raven II. We also operate two Citation business jets. Combined they fly in excess of 2,400 hours (over 500,000 miles) every year. Our rotary fleet includes both VFR and IFR variants. (Click below to view).

G-TXTV AW109E Power
G-RXTV AW109E Power
G-INTV Airbus AS355F2 Twin squirrel
G-NPTV Airbus AS355NP Twin squirrel
G-TVHD Airbus AS355F2 Twin squirrel
G-HDEF Robinson R44 Raven II
G-UKTV Airbus AS355F2 Twin squirrel
G-TAKE Airbus AS355F1 Twin squirrel

G-XLTV - Citation XLS (Fuselage 16.0m 52ft6)

G-XSTV - Citation XLS (Fuselage 16.0m 52ft6)

It is Arena's opinion that Twin engine helicopters are best suited for filming in R160 (an area covering most of Central London). However it is acceptable to use a Single engine helicopter, provided it can land clear of the built up area in the event of a power failure. Single engine aircraft need floats to carry paying passengers along the River Thames - something we can easily arrange. Twins often provide the greatest flexibility in the demanding role of aerial filming where a combination of altitude, speed, directions of travel, and the exact position above the ground may be critical to getting the shot. Singles v Twins.

For more information please call us on 01737 821222.